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stylo: rendering of <video controls> and <audio controls> is wrong


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With the WIP patches in bug 1290276 comment 22, I got an incomplete rendering of <video controls>. (See the attachment.)

At least "-moz-context-properties" is not supported yet (Bug 1366162). I'm not sure what else is missing.
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After bug 1372876 is fixed, the remaining issue for the <video controls> is the :hover rule in [1] for the -moz-range-thumb [2].

.volumeControl:hover::-moz-range-thumb {
  background-color: #48a0f7;

Depends on: 1372876
Should that remaining issue be fixed by bug 1375969?
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Yes. Based on my local build, the issue in comment 2 has been fixed by bug 1375969. <video controls> looks the same on gecko and stylo now. Thanks emilio!
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Depends on: 1375969
We still have some reftests failed like layout/reftests/bugs/449149-1a.html for <audio controls>.
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Gecko and stylo generate different frame subtree for "positionDurationBox" [1] in "data:text/html,<audio controls>". See

stylo generated a "-moz-anonymous-flex-item" block with many newline-only text frame in it, but gecko doesn't. I haven't figured out why.

Whitespace-only flex items are a bug, per spec, so this is a stylo issue.

I suspect that we're messing up the TextIsOnlyWhitespace cached state, somehow. That path is different for stylo and non-stylo.
The difference of the frame tree described in comment 6 might be because servo doesn't blockify the children if the parent's display is "flex" where gecko has the fixup implemented in [1].

Emilio, do you have any idea how to fix that in servo?

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I'm pretty sure servo does this in
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That being said, it does indeed seem like we're skipping it incorrectly, I can take a look at it if you want.
I think the check in GeckoElement::skip_root_and_item_based_display_fixup is just incorrect...
Ok, that seemed to work :)

Thanks a lot for finding that Ting-Yu!
I'm going to go ahead and submit that patch since I've heard Ting-Yu is on North Korea, so won't probably be available in a bit.
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Bug 1366163: Fix skip_root_and_item_based_display_fixup.

Oops, thanks for fixing. :-)
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Bug 1366163: Update test expectations.
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Update test expectations. r=heycam
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