UI and Content hang when expanding the Progress row of a series on my anime list.




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Steps to reproduce:

There is an issue involving expanding progress rows on myanimelist which results in the UI and content hanging till it finishes doing whatever its doing.

This will require an account with myanimelist, and a series added.

I have created one for this purpose

Username: Nightly55Bug
Password: *"2Kb!2sQ^'S*5ry

Actual results:

Clicking on the X/X will expand a text box in which you can add the chapter/episode yourself.

On recent nightlies, clicking this will result in the entire browser being unresponsive.

The test account does not reproduce the issue, but may provide a means to understand why it is occurring on more heavily used accounts.

It seems to involve the fact that the text entry box causes the rows beneath to be shifted down.

Expected results:

The ep/chapter entry box should appear near instantly instead of taking a long time processing it.

Reproduced in a clean profile
Not reproducible in Firefox 53.
Not reproducible in Beta.

I have also attached a performance profile, not sure if that helps.

Comment 1

3 months ago
I can reproduce it with FF55 but it's very sporadic.

Comment 2

3 months ago
I have tested this on Windows 7 with latest nightly, but couldn't manage to reproduce. 

Could you give a regression range to see if it's a regression issue?
Component: Untriaged → DOM: Content Processes
Product: Firefox → Core

Comment 3

3 months ago
it is still there, and no I don't have the time to do this.

Comment 4

3 months ago
i have added more series to the anime list, the delay on expanding the progress text box is not readily apparant.

Comment 5

3 months ago
It appears that this issue is not just occurring on pages that need to shift contents down.

I can reproduce it on app.roll20.net on a character sheet, ticking various things such as "use dwarf encumbrance rules" which modifies values across the entire sheet.

Comment 6

2 months ago
seems to be resolved in nightly 56.
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