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Inbox spontaneously changed



4 months ago
4 months ago


(Reporter: Mark Filipak, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


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4 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

As shown below, I added 'child of contact' & 'child of contact-inbox' as folders to my 'contact' account.
(Note: There's nothing significant about the word "contact"; it's just a name.)

[a] contact
   [i]__ Inbox
    |     |
    |    [i]__ child of contact-inbox
   [i]__ child of contact

Key: [a] account icon, [i] inbox icon.

I used the FolderFlags add-on to mark both 'child of contact' & 'child of contact-inbox' with "Sent" & "Inbox" flags.

Actual results:

My 'contact' account spontaneously started using 'child of contact' as the its inbox. No subsequent mail went into Inbox, it all went into 'child of contact'.

Expected results:

The 'contact' account should have continued to use its normal Inbox.

Is TBird using 'child of contact' because 'c' comes before 'I'? ...Oh, wait; Actually, it doesn't.
Neither "child of contact" or "child of contact-inbox" are found as strings in 'prefs.js'.
Is TBird malfunctioning? Is it making a wise decision regarding what to use as an inbox?
Work any better with 52?
Flags: needinfo?(MarkFilipak.mozilla)
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