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add library option to default_area for browserAction


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(Whiteboard: [blocked on photon][design-decision-pending])

In bug 1366026 Screenshots is being added to a library panel. This bug is to create a library API. Perhaps its one that screenshots could use.

This API would presumably of similar structure to browserAction, pageAction in that its defined in the manifest and creates on click events and maybe a popup?

There isn't any UX defined for how they would appear that I'm aware of, but questions include: would they show the add-on icon, would they all be grouped in their own section, could they add anything on the right, could an add-on add any extra dynamic text, what does clicking on them do?
re-look at priority after unblocked from photon
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [blocked on photon] triaged
browserAction already has a default_area to allow placing it in various ui locations.  We can just add an option for "library".
Severity: normal → enhancement
Summary: Create an API for the "Library" → add library option to default_area for browserAction
Whiteboard: [blocked on photon] triaged → [blocked on photon][design-deci
Whiteboard: [blocked on photon][design-deci → [design-decision-needed]
This has been added to the agenda for the WebExtensions APIs triage on May 15, 2018. Anyone who is interested in this bug is welcome to join. (Andy, we'd love to have you back! :) ) 

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect at the triage: 

* We normally spend 5 minutes per bug
* The more information in the bug, the better
* The goal of the triage is to give a general thumbs up or thumbs down on a proposal; we won't be going deep into implementation details

Relevant Links: 

* Wiki for the meeting:
* Meeting agenda:
* Vision doc for WebExtensions:
Whiteboard: [design-decision-needed] → [blocked on photon][design-decision-needed]
Mike to follow up with UX.
Flags: needinfo?(mconca)
Flags: needinfo?(mconca)
Whiteboard: [blocked on photon][design-decision-needed] → [blocked on photon][design-decision-pending]
Markus, this bug is about letting extensions add a browserAction button into the library panel. You can see Screenshots is already there, albeit via a different method. The add-ons team felt this is probably an acceptable feature request, but we wanted to get a UX perspective.
Flags: needinfo?(mjaritz)
Forwarding my needinfo to Aaron, as this is something the Activity Stream team will have an opinion on, as they are working on this part of Firefox.
Flags: needinfo?(mjaritz) → needinfo?(abenson)
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
Flags: needinfo?(abenson)
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