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Difference between incorrect rendering and correct debug overlay

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Steps to reproduce:

I have found an issue with matrix3d and incorrect transforms composition. It seems like it only happens when there are nested matrix3d transforms.

Here is a code to reproduce. Please see the attached screenshot as well.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
	body {
		transform-style: preserve-3d;		

	#parent {
		transform: matrix3d(2.79999999999999982236,0.00000000000000000000,0,0.00000000000000000000,0.00000000000000000000,2.79999999999999982236,0,0.00000000000000000000,0,0,1,0,-8362.50000000000000000000,-6124.39999999999963620212,0,1.00000000000000000000);
		transform-origin: top left;

	#nested {
		background-color: blue;
		transform: matrix3d(0.01830802407516572347,-0.00119969458285561995,0,-0.00000075044267238981,-0.00296886852264407423,0.01875395435161321747,0,-0.00000085177153094411,0,0,1,0,3088.65340166154646794894,2199.65869870111419004388,0,0.99280687565940461958);
		width: 4608px;
		height: 3456px;
		transform-origin: top left;

<div id="parent">
	<div id="nested"></div>


Actual results:

The (blue) div is not rendered as it should be. The (composed) matrix transform applied to it is not correct. What is strange is that the overlay given through the development tools is actually correct (see screenshot).

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Product: Firefox → Core

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Browsers comparison

Here is how it correctly renders in Chrome and Safari vs. Firefox.

Comment 3

2 years ago
I tested with an old version of Firefox (33) and the same rendering is present too.

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2 years ago
hiro, I think it's in your code area. If not, could you NI someone else, please.
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Thank you, Loic.  Unfortunately this is not in my area.  I am an animation guy.  I guess this is a dup of preserve-3d bug.
ni? to Matt Woodrow.
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