TEXT color is not displaying in email (preference problem) - Color Folders add-on stopped working (see comment #2)



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Steps to reproduce:

Display OLD email or compose NEW email

My default text color in Preferences is a dark blue - it displays only black.

I have a signature with HTML color coding that ONLY displays black.

When I type some text, select a word, and change the text color, it displays only black.

Thunderbird 52.1.1 via Release update channel
macOS 10.12.2

Restarted T-bird
Restarted macOS
same result

NO problem with LibreOffice text colors

Actual results:

No matter what color settings for text, in Preferences or in HTML, it all displays black.

Expected results:

I should be seeing the appropriate colors.
Prior emails that HAD color when created only show black text.

Comment 1

2 years ago
I went to Gmail (my IMAP server) to check mail I had sent AND THE COLORS ARE DISPLAYING!!
Later versions of Thunderbird seem to break Colorful Folders Add-On - and WIPE OUT settings BY that Add-On on every restart.

Comment 2

2 years ago
There seem to be three complaints here:
1) When you compose an e-mail, the selected colour doesn't show.
2) When you view existing e-mail, the colour doesn't show although it shows in webmail/Gmail.
3) The "Colorful Folders" add-on doesn't work.

We can't investigate number 3), you'd have to refer the problem to the add-on author.

As for 1) and 2): Can you please check the following option:
Under options/preferences (sorry, I'm a Windows user and it's different on Mac):
Display, Colors: What does the option "Override the colors specified by the content with my selection above" say? Try setting this to "Never".

Comment 3

2 years ago
OK, Jorg K, obviously I have NOT submitted a bug! I just wonder why the BEHAVIOR of Thunderbird changed. Likely because I should NOT have been using Beta and Alpha versions of T-bird in the FIRST place. I can't say how much havoc EB and TB wreaked with the last updates. Fell back from EB to TB Beta thinking I would be safe, but the next TB Beta, which followed shortly, did the same damage as EB!! And, when I regressed to the latest release version (and I really did realize it was unlikely the release version WOULD have the 'bug' I was describing), it seemed to have to RECOVER from that damage by taking over a day to 'rebuild' folders and content from the IMAP server!

In short, YES, the setting you recommended worked perfectly. So, that, too, had somehow been modified/defaulted in the process...

I did post a note ("review") to the Color Folders developer. S'pose it isn't surprising he isn't up to the latest beta and alpha versions... (and I donated to him as well - always do for the software I use most)

As to Mac, Summit broke Karabiner - and it looks like THAT fix will be a very long time coming - almost wish I'd learned 'little machine' programming somewhere along the line - only did the big iron. And, WINDOWS? Ya gotta be KIDDING! Yuck! :-)

If ONLY governments and education had mandated Linux internally... THEN it would have become a viable desktop VERY quickly! And taxpayers would be saving trillions.

Comment 4

2 years ago

Comment 5

2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Given that the option fixed your issue, I can close the bug. You need to take up the add-on issue with its author.

Thanks for being on the (now discontinued) Aurora/Earlybird and Beta programs. Usually our betas are pretty stable. I don't know which "damage" you're talking about. Rebuilding IMAP folders can be annoying, I agree, but I'm not aware of any specific changes in recent Aurora/Beta versions that would have caused this.

As for Linux: Yes, it's a pity that it is not more popular. I have my reservations towards Apple due to the pretty closed system they have created. Once you're in, you find yourself using iMac, iTunes, iPhone, iEverything, and always the way Apple intended.


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Comment 6

2 years ago
Well, jorg K, I had to go to Apple to get support for my Logitech Performance Mouse MX and for my Dymo label printer software. To me, Linux locks you OUT. But I use, FF, Chrome as a backup, TB, LibreOffice - and my phone is a Galaxy Note 5 (NEED the stylus to type!) which will be upgraded to a Note 8. So, I'm not locked-in. I advocated for Linux since 1996, but no one in government or education CARED. And too many elected officials were (and are) sucking at Microsoft's teat - just as they had with IBM!

Comment 7

2 years ago
As to the problems with Earlybird and the last beta TB I tried, the order of my folder display changed back and forth and folder color attributes assigned by color folders were MOSTLY wiped-out with every restart. I have MANY folders under some major headings, and display 4 (3 mostly inactive) email accounts. Two Gmail and two Comcast (two each for myself and my wife). Since my organization of email is vital to me, such vagaries simply aren't tolerable. And, this IS Tbird for Mac - not Windows. How many of us are there??
FYI https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/thunderbird52-support-issues lists many of the issues related to version 52.  Unfortunately the addon has all the signs of being abandoned https://github.com/fisheater7/colorfolders/issues  Perhaps there is another addon which provides similar functionality

>  And, this IS Tbird for Mac - not Windows. How many of us are there??

I should think at least a few hundred thousand.
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Summary: TEXT color is not displaying in email → TEXT color is not displaying in email (preference problem) - Color Folders add-on stopped working (see comment #2)


2 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 1373406
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