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Intermittent TestWindowMaximize.test_maximize | IOError: Process killed because the connection to Marionette server is lost. Check gecko.log for errors (Reason: Connection timed out after 360.0s)


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Bug 1367227: Disable Marionette window maximize tests in headless mode;
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Disable Marionette window maximize tests in headless mode; r=bdahl
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Disable Marionette window rect tests in headless mode. r=bdahl
The oranges are gone now, but let's leave this bug open for the eventual fixing & re-enabling.
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During MakeFullScreen, headless wasn't triggering a size mode and full screen changed event which caused marionette to hang waiting for a resize event. I tried to match more of the behavior of the linux and windows backend with the new code.
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As mentioned on IRC, the current code doesn't actually emulate what  "View > Enter Full Screen" does and it will cause the browser to immediately try to exit fullscreen mode because it triggers the event on a chrome window and it's expected to be on a content window (follow aBrowser in [1]). This doesn't seem to be an issue on various platforms because the exit is ignored while the full screen transition is in progress. The new way does was browser.js does [2].

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And a try run (still waiting on MacOS, but looks good elsewhere):
Blocks: 1356681
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Looks like I should have waited on those osx jobs... It appears that some of the resize events on mac come before the fullscreen transition is complete. I've switched it to now use sizemodechange, as that seems like the more reliable way.
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Part 2 - Trigger fullscreen the same way Firefox does.

Review of attachment 8872840 [details] [diff] [review]:

r+, push when confident.
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Part 1 - Match headless fullscreen behavior to other widget backends. r=jrmuizel
Part 2 - Trigger fullscreen the same way Firefox does. r=ato
Oranges are gone.
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No known fix -> WFM.
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