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Web UI ally: status invisible for high-contrast web users



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4 months ago
4 months ago


(Reporter: pbone, Unassigned)





4 months ago
When using high contrast settings in firefox (preferences->content->colours set white-on-black and always) the status of jobs is invisible since it is shown only using colours.

It can be worked-around using the Stylish add-on adding an :after pseudo-element to each colour button with a content property to add a tick, a cross or other symbol.  But maybe there's an even better idea, particularly to draw one's eye to particular statuses the way colours do.

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4 months ago
Oh I had an idea. This could be much easier to scan if it the results were aligned in some way:

Test name:  result
Test naem:  result

Etc, the most obvious is a table.  Colours and symbols could be used together in the table layout, a special "vision impaired mode" won't be necessary and I believe it'll be more readable for everyone.

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