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Use ::mozilla::Maybe to de-duplicate the loop of ScriptLoader::GiveUpBytecodeEncoding


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In the dom/script/ScriptLoader.cpp, the function named ScriptLoader::GiveUpBytecodeEncoding has 2 loops which are mostly doing the same things, apart from the initialization of the AutoEntryScript structure.

Using ::mozilla::Maybe defined in mbft/Maybe.h, wrap the AutoEntryScript structure such that it can be initialize in a branch, and used after, in a single loop which contain a branch around FinishIncrementalEncoding, which test if the AutoEntryScript got initialized.
Hi Nicolas, can you assign me this bug?
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> Hi Nicolas, can you assign me this bug?


If you need any extra guidance, you can ask on, on the #jsapi channel, either Blake (mrbkap) or me (nbp).
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Also not too sure about the review flags..
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Wrapped the RootedScript and AutoEntryScript classes inside a Maybe container

Review of attachment 8874267 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/script/ScriptLoader.cpp
@@ +2190,5 @@
>    // removal of all request from the current list and these large buffers would
>    // be removed at the same time as the source object.
>    nsCOMPtr<nsIScriptGlobalObject> globalObject = GetScriptGlobalObject();
> +  Maybe<AutoEntryScript> aes;
> +  Maybe<JS::RootedScript> script;

nit: JS::RootedScript are creating a link list of Rooted Script which are on the same stack.  Having this class under a Maybe would be dangerous if we were to have another Rooted in the same frame, and if we were to not respect the RAII order.

Having a single JS::RootedScript should be fine, but for future-proof safety, I suggest to move the JS::RootedScript inside the if branch instead of having a Maybe<> surrounding it.
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Revision 1:  Removed the Maybe container for RootedScript

Review of attachment 8874715 [details] [diff] [review]:

This diff looks good. Make a proper patch, such that your patch can be imported and landed for you, while keeping the authorship.

Here is the documentation for making a patch that someone else can commit on your behalf:

::: dom/script/ScriptLoader.cpp
@@ +2205,5 @@
>      TRACE_FOR_TEST_NONE(request->mElement, "scriptloader_bytecode_failed");
> +
> +    if (aes.isSome()) {
> +      JS::RootedScript script(aes->cx());
> +      script.set(request->mScript);

nit: JS::RootedScript script(aes->cx(), request->mScript);
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Pushed by
Use ::mozilla::Maybe to de-duplicate the loop of ScriptLoader::GiveUpBytecodeEncoding r=nbp
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(based on comment 8)
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