TPS failure caused by resyncs: "Automatic sync got triggered, which is not allowed"

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11 months ago
11 months ago


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11 months ago
This looks like it's caused by the resyncs from bug 1335891, and appears to break all TPS tests every time (on all platforms), since it triggers a sync TPS doesn't expect.

It's unclear to me why the followup sync is being triggered so consistently, and seems like a bug...

But even if it is, TPS needs to be able to handle these, which seems straightforward enough (patch incoming).

Another option would be to set a services.sync.maxResyncs to 0, but it seems worth keeping TPS's runtime environment as close as possible to the real world.
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11 months ago
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Bug 1367543 - Make sync's TPS tests handle cases where resyncs are triggered
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I would like to figure out why we're triggering two syncs after logging in, though.
Capturing IRC discussion for posterity:

> tcsc> no, tps will 100% have to have this either way
> tcsc> in general tps relies on syncs never happening in the background (since it asserts that the state is what it expects, which may be an unsynced state)
> tcsc> so it needs to wait for all the syncs to finish
> tcsc> so, while it may be a bug that we sync too frequently, it just means that bug made us fix tps sooner than we might have otherwise
> kitcambridge> there are other cases where we trigger an immediate sync,414,416,967,981 but i'm guessing TPS doesn't need to worry about those, otherwise we'd have seen them long before this
> tcsc> so the way tps prevents those is by scheduling a sync for the distant future in the sync finished handler
> tcsc> i think i like this approach better than making that work for the resync case too though, since it's closer to what happens in the real world though

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11 months ago
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Make sync's TPS tests handle cases where resyncs are triggered r=kitcambridge

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11 months ago
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