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We should produce some kind of artifact summarizing compiler warnings to make it easier to determine what changed


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After bug 1360764 landed and we started tracking warnings in perfherder, I took the liberty of putting informational warnings in bugs where the # of warnings increased:

However it's not easy to see *how* these patches increased the count, or what they increased, and are thus not particularly actionable. If we generated an artifact with the warnings in them, it would be relatively easy to create a tool that compared warning output between revisions using the treeherder and taskcluster api's (look up jobs for revisions + previous, get artifacts, diff the contents). Could we do that?
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I thought I had filed this bug? If not, I've surely thought about it :)

The build systems produces a JSON file with warnings. It should be trivial to upload that as an artifact.

The build system has Python code for de-duping warnings, albeit crudely. See I think we could throw in a similarity filter for more robust "new" and "fixed" warning detection so we could make actionable, per-warning alerts.
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