Asturian is displayed using current locale (or ast when Asturian is the current locale)




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Locale switching and selection
9 months ago
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9 months ago
See the equivalent focus bug:

Android uses an ICU version without Asturian in it, hence we aren't able to display the Asturian localised name for Asturian (which I believe is "Asturianu"). Instead the locale picker displays the localised name for Asturian in whatever the current fennec locale is, or "Ast" if the current locale is Asturian.

Here's a draft patch that fixes the issue in Focus (LocaleListPreference has been imported directly from Fennec, hence this same fix is applicable for fennec).


9 months ago
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ahunt, did you forget to attach the patch?

I'm happy to review.
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9 months ago
Sorry, I forgot to post the link. Here's the version that landed in Focus, I'll try to port it to Fennec as soon as I have a checkout and build of Fennec again - I'm keeping the NI in the meantime as a reminder:
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