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Extracting a shared helper for inspecting a DOM node


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In Bug 1300590 we are introducing the `inspect` binding helper on the devtools.inspectedWindow.eval WebExtensions API method, which is similar to the `inspect` binding provided by the integrated webconsole panel, and share a lot of bits in common with the webconsole `console-output` module, an internal helper module that is used to create hyperlinks between the console and  the inspector (e.g. to create a clickable icon near a logged DOM element, that the user can click to inspect that element in the Inspector panel):


The goal of this issue is share as much code as possible between this similar features as a follow of Bug 1300590.
Note that as part of the DevTools GoFaster project, we're trying to cut as many dependencies from the rest of the tree to /devtools/ as possible, in order to make it possible to remove the DevTools code at some stage.
So, the code sharing described in comment 0 would have to be mindful of that.
I want to bring this to Julian's attention for this reason (cc'd him on the bug).

Luca: are you intending to implement this yourself or looking for someone on the team to do this? Not sure which priority to assign to this yet.
DevTools bug triage (filter on CLIMBING SHOES).
Priority: -- → P3
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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