first run page has unstyled fx accounts login form



2 years ago
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(Reporter: dietrich, Assigned: stomlinson)


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2 years ago
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53.0.3 (64-bit)


1. create new profile
2. wait for first-run page to load

Expected: accounts login form is styled

Actual: it is not styled
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Screenshot of iframe

This may have been a temporary issue with the FxA server that powers the iframe on /firstrun/, but i can no longer reproduce. Please reopen if this is still an issue for you. Thanks!


2 years ago
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Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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2 years ago
How confident are you that this isn't happening to other new users?

I'd feel more comfortable if the criteria for closing bugs like this was more comprehensive than WFM.
(In reply to Dietrich Ayala (:dietrich) from comment #3)
> How confident are you that this isn't happening to other new users?
> I'd feel more comfortable if the criteria for closing bugs like this was
> more comprehensive than WFM.

I'm following up with the FxA team to see if they had any issues over the weekend, but this is so far the only report we've had. Happy to re-open if this is still an issue for you, but we'll keep it on our radar.

Comment 5

2 years ago
:dietrich - Additional info would be really helpful or else we don't have much to go on. Do you have concrete STRs, or a screenshot of the dev console when this occurred? Which version of Firefox was this? Was E10s enabled? Were any addons installed? Which locale do you have set? Which region of the world was the user in?

Moving the component to Cloud Services->Server: Firefox Accounts
Component: Pages & Content → Server: Firefox Accounts
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Product: → Cloud Services
Version: Production → unspecified

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2 years ago
Re-opening until we have a better idea of what happened.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---


2 years ago
Assignee: nobody → stomlinson
Sorry if i prematurely closed this, thanks :stomlinson

Comment 8

2 years ago
Heh, yeah I had a heck of a time figuring out where to even file bugs for this area in Bugzilla, so number-of-reports as a metric for size-of-problem might not work out well.

* The version info is in comment #0.

* The concrete STR are exactly as comment #0 says. That's all I did, other than a sanity check that all other internet stuff was working fine.

* Sorry, no console dump or anything else. I was testing something else and thought I'd report this since I saw it.

* E10s is always on now, right?

* I am in the Hong Kong location of the world. One of Asia's trans-pacific cable endpoints, so fantastic internet. That said, this is the internet... there always could've been a network failure.

* Full debug info from about:support:

Maybe worth looking into detecting FOUC and adding to telemetry or whatever logging y'all do, as a future-defensive understanding of how severe the problem is.
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:dietrich, can you verify if this is is still an issue for you, or can you no longer reproduce?

Comment 10

2 years ago
No, I just tried and couldn't reproduce. Interestingly, the iframe took at least 5 full seconds to load, while the containing page loaded almost instantly. All other internet services working speedily, in comparison.

Comment 11

2 years ago
Tried 53 first run page today and boom, I get unstyled content.

Also saying I need cookies* and localstorage enabled. I do have both enabled and am not in PB mode.

(* I do have tracking protection enabled and 3rd party cookies only allowed for visited sites.)

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2 years ago
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Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.34.53.png

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2 years ago
Oops, more info: This time I loaded the page in Nightly, while looking at bug 1368402. I'm seeing crazy slow loading times of the iframe... maybe these things are related?
Please reopen if anyone has more information on this issue
Last Resolved: 2 years agoa year ago
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