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WebVR Api Security Audit


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(Whiteboard: audit)

Jkt, I've added your notes to the review doc above, but I didn't get a response to my email here. Is sec eng handling the security review of WebVR? Or is this something my team should pick up and co-ordinate (I'll probably need your help either way).
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Whiteboard: review
Hey Paul, So I was on PTO when you sent this I think. Sorry I missed it. I was wondering why things went to silent on this front.

We haven't touched on WebVR in a long time. I know we can consult and be involved however I don't think we have bandwidth at the moment to do much more than this. We should have a long overdue meeting about this though, maybe it's worth a catch up in SF also?

I added a few notes anyway. Again sorry to have missed this so long (still catching up from my 3 weeks off)!
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Ok I'll retake ownership of this review. I'd appreciate a handover of the items that you have discussed with them, and any documentation you can share, contacts etc.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1451626
Whiteboard: review → testing
Assignee: ptheriault → nobody
Summary: WebVR Api SecReview → WebVR Api Security Audit
Whiteboard: testing → audit
Priority: -- → P3
Type: enhancement → task
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