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Expected results:

It would be nice to include a Weather sidebar in SeaMonkey.

To make maintenance simpler (and allow Firefox or Vivaldi users to use it), the sidebar could be implemented as a web page.

Comment 1

5 months ago
I've been working on a weather sidebar over the past week (; SeaMonkey could use that as a base, in which case I can put it under whatever license is most appropriate.

It's built with plain JavaScript (but requires async/await, so only SeaMonkey 2.49+ unless I recompile it to ES5), Knockout, and moment.js. It uses Dark Sky API to get the weather and forecast (, and the browser geolocation feature to get the current location (or the user can enter their own latitude/longitude).

A possible improvement would be to include a geocode API so the user can enter a location by name or postal code.


5 months ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
Does this need a new module in SeaMonkey or just a smaller definition? With the current state of the sidebar and its api I wouldn't be too keen to add new code to it which needs to be maintained.
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Comment 3

5 months ago
It can just be a website added with sidebar.addPanel. No new code needed in SeaMonkey itself.

I could just maintain the site myself in which case this would be WONTFIX (although a link could be included on a sidebar directory if one is created.)
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