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Switch JSON Viewer back to standards mode


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Bug 1367894 fixed various things but switched JSON Viewer to quirks mode and loaded the stylesheets at the end. This patch addresses these problems.

Now it works like this:
 1. The content type is set to text/html
 2. A doctype, the stylesheet and the script are sent at the very beginning
 3. A <plaintext> start tag switches the tokenizer to plaintext state
 4. The chunks of JSON are then directly sent unaltered to the page when they are received

To keep the HTML simple, I only linked the main stylesheet and made it import the other ones. reps.css is already imported by tree-view.css, so no need to import it from main.css

To avoid problems like bug 1260189, I moved all the initialization code to onStartRequest (previously some work was done in onStopRequest), and deferred the script.

Then onStartRequest became too cluttered so I moved code to helper functions.
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Looks reasonable.

R+ assuming Try is green.

Thanks for working on this!

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Can you post the Try link to see if it's green?
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Refactor the JSON Viewer stream converter to avoid quirks mode. r=Honza
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