After terminating a GPU process youtube videos remain in an infinite loading state

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 56



2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: ccomorasu, Assigned: domfarolino)



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 - please check that "layers.gpu-process.max_restarts" integer preference is set to "3" (from about:config)
 - please check that the "Use recommended performance settings" checkbox below the "Performance" is checked (from about:preferences -> General)

[Affected versions]:
 Fx 55.0a1

[Affected platforms]:
 Windows 8.1 x32
 Windows 7 x64

[Steps to reproduce]:
 1. Launch Firefox.
 2. Go to a youtube video.
 3. Terminate the CPU process from about:support .

[Expected result]:
 A short glitch, afterwords the video plays smoothly.

[Actual result]:
 The video remains in an infinite loading state.

[Regression range]:
 Will return with the regression range as soon as possible.

[Additional notes]:
 A gif with the issue: .
Summary: After terminating a CPU process youtube videos remain in an infinite loading state → After terminating a GPU process youtube videos remain in an infinite loading state
It'd be also good to know if pause/play or reloading the page fixes the problem.
Keywords: regression
Also, can you (restart not required) set layers.gpu-process.max_restarts to 0 and repeat the workflow and see if the problems are gone or different?
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I tested with the pref "layers.gpu-process.max_restarts" to "0" using Fx 55.0a1, build ID: 20170605030204, on Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1 x32 and Windows 7 x64.
This issue is not reproducible under these circumstances.

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David, let's reset this preference back to the default (I never know if that's 0 or 1), so that we never restart to accelerated beyond nightly.  It'll give us a chance to sort out the issues, but it'll stay on nightly until we're sure we're good and sort out the telemetry/etc. we need for making the right call.

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: This should block 55 - we don't want a preference where we have some negative anecdotal, and no telemetry/crash evidence to tell us otherwise.
Assignee: nobody → domfarolino
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Sounds good. I'll file a new bug so we can track this issue separately.
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This functionality will be off in 55, so no need to track it for 55.
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Only restart the GPU process multiple times on Nightly. (bug 1369097, r=milan)
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla56
Looks like bug 1388309 is the same with this one?
See Also: → 1388309
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This issue doesn't seem fixed to me. The actual result is different now but the steps for getting there are the same. 
If the GPU process is terminated while a YouTube video is playing an error message appears and not even a refresh can make it work. A browser restart is needed for watching the clip again. 
This only happens on 32 bit builds of Firefox.
Tested on: 
- Windows 7 x86 & x64
- Windows 8.1 x64
- Windows 10 x64

Please see the attachment for the error.
Dominic, did you get the chance to look at Comment 11?
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Dominic's internship ended in August, taking needinfo
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