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[Schema change request] Please help setup a new key in Switchboard.


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Please help add a new key "region" in buckets/fennec/collections/experiments/ 
It should be a list like ["DE", "US" , "TW"] ?
For this we need to edit the JSON schema of the fennec/experiments collection:
* Name: regions
* This should be a new key in the "match" object.
* The type should be a list of strings (Does the admin interface support this?)
* Description: Compared with GeoIP lookup
* Optional
Sorry for the rush.
This is kind of urgent cause we are targeting release 55.
Please help me if possible. Thanks!
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Something like that should do it:

"regions": {
  "type": "array",
  "title": "Regions",
  "description": "Compared with GeoIP lookup.",
  "uniqueItems": true,
  "default": [],
  "items": {
    "title": "Regions",
    "description": "Similar to a GeoIP lookup",
    "type": "string",
    "minLength": 0,
    "default": ""
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Hi Rémy
Thanks a lot! 
Is there anything I should do before I can use it in Kinto staging/procution?
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Nevin can you file a PR with your changes there?

I will then be able to try it on kinto-ota.
Then as soon as Jason wakes up we will be able to configure it in stage and production.
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Hi Rémy, Jason

Please help verify :
Thank you!
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This should have been inside the "match" object?
As you wish.
We have updated the schema in stage with sebastian review. Could you make sure everything works as expected on your end?
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Hi Sebastian
Could you please add "US" to regions for leanplum-start experiment?
thank you!
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Sorry I don't see them. Coul you please help me check what's going on?
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Nevin do you still have question about the new review feature ? What is the status of the rollout to production?
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I tested the schema change on staging today. LGTM. Please deploy to production. :)
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Closed: 5 years ago
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:sebastian can you mark it as verified to sign-off that everything is good on you side?
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