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Reference trail from the note re Safari on the :hover article


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(only incidentally linked to :active and also linked to <a href="">report</a>))
My rudimentary knowledge means I edit MDN CSS documentation and yet the trail beginning at <code>:active</code> (for example) regarding the way mobile devices (touch human-interface devices) handle basic mouse equivalent interactions is incomprehensible to me. 
Helpfully the <code>:active</code> [1] states:
> By default, Safari Mobile does not use the {{cssxref(":active")}} state unless there 
> is a <a href="/en-US/docs/Web/Reference/Events/touchstart"><code>touchstart</code></a> 
> event handler on the relevant element or on the {{HTMLElement("body")}}.
However the <code>touchstart</code> page has no lede or introduction of any kind and only refers on to <code>Touch events</code> which has a similar issue but that also appears to be addressing a rather more complex issue.  
I have been unable to find any information (including the <a href="">Safari - Supported CSS Properties page</a>) that simply and comprehensively sets out how to code a web document that has basic interactivity using e.g :hover function so that it will function similarly on touch screen devices running Safari or Opera mini.  For me such knowledge is fundamental to any modern web development. Clearly it exists, yet it appears still to not be published.
Apologies for the dog's dinner of markup!  (confused between MDN, mozilla, bugzilla, ... and no preview function here)
Summary: Reference trail from the Safari note → Reference trail from the note re Safari on the :hover article
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