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From Adjust documentation, to get a more consistent deep linking experience on iOS we should enable Universal Links. The process to do this can be found at

With Universal Links enabled, a user will be able to launch directly into the App if it is installed already. At a high level the steps involved are 

1) Enable Universal links in the Adjust dashboard
2) Add Adjust link to associated domains in iOS project
3) Add code to `continueUserActivity` to launch into FxA settings

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a year ago
Quick update, got help from st3fan and was able to get this working.

Some of the main issues I ran into were

1) Incorrect bundle ID in Adjust Universal Link settings
2) Not having correct associated domain entitlement in project settings
3) Accidentally disabling Universal Links per
4) Adding code to launch FxA from Universal Link, goes through `continueUserActivity` app delegate function. Ref:

Next steps are to enabled the settings in the production Adjust App and landing code to launch into FxA from link.

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a year ago
Per Adjust support there are no extra steps needed to setup and configure Universal Links. We can follow the same process that we used in the beta version. 

Alex, would you be able to turn on Universal Linking in production app? The bundle id is `org.mozilla.ios.Firefox`, App Id `43AQ936H96` and the scheme is `firefox://`. Once you have enabled this feature, it will generate a shortcode that I would put into the Firefox build profile.
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Done. I've attached a screenshot of the preferences for your review.
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Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.59.20 PM.png

Adjust Universal Deep Link Preferences

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Created attachment 8880898 [details] [review]
Adds the updated adjust applink for universal links.

This PR adds the new applink for production Adjust and ability to launch FxA from `continueUserActivity`.
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Adds the updated adjust applink for universal links.

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Landed on master, uplifted to v8.x
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