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What did you do?
While translating one page I encountered an issue with rewriting anchors in visual editor.

I did as follows:
- Mark the whole text of the anchor
- Start typing

What happened?
It basically writes just few characters inside anchor tag and then skips outside and continues in paragraph.

What should have happened?
Obviously it should keep the text inside the anchor. But as a web developer I know it's hard to accomplish due to not knowing where is the anchor's end. But it should at least pop outside the <a> tag when there is space.

Is there anything else we should know?
I also noticed that the editor inserts "&nbsp;" chars instead of normal spaces (randomly?). Could this be related?
Severity: normal → minor
Keywords: in-triage
Hey there, I tried to reproduce this, but it seems to work fine. Do you have an example for this?

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a year ago
Here is screenshot
Could you please let us know what browser OS combo you are using? Thanks!
I've seen the spontaneous &nbsp; thing for years now. I don't know why it happens.

I pretty much never create anchors; I only create links using heading names or using macros; I find the clutter of anchors displayed in the editor annoying so I don't use them. :)

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a year ago
(In reply to Stephanie Hobson [:shobson] from comment #3)
> Could you please let us know what browser OS combo you are using? Thanks!

Sure, I use Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 with Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (x64)
I'm not able to reproduce the behaviour where it writes a few characters and skips outside. If I place my cursor at the end of the anchor and type it is outside the anchor 100% of the time.

I agree this is super annoying, especially when translating, but I'm not sure it's a bug? It might just be the default behaviour of the editor.

I usually work around this by typing the entire anchor with one extra character at the end and then when I am done editing I delete the extra character.


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Severity: minor → enhancement
OS: Other → Windows 7
Hardware: All → x86_64
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