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Copying my feature request that I emailed to Mark, who asked me to file it in this component:

> Often files in the tree are autogenerated by some tool and have comments to the effect of "this file is autogenerated, do not edit manually". It would be great if the review tool detected edits to these files and flagged them - either by having a curated list of autogenerated files or by putting a standardized "do not edit manually" line in the file somewhere.

Mark suggested:

> when we (re)build a commit-based, push-to-review system, that's something we could add. It would actually work better that way than in Phabricator itself, as it would alert the author before the patch goes up for review.

Upon further reflection this could probably be handled the same way various commit hooks are handled now, complete with an a=update-generated-files override for when people actually update those files.
Keywords: conduit-triaged
Whiteboard: [lando-backlog]
Keywords: conduit-backlog
Whiteboard: [lando-backlog]
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