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Legacy page shows an experiment


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firefox56 --- fixed


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On Nightly

1. install a legacy extension
2. install a webextensions experiment
3. turn on the legacy extension pref
4. note that the webextensions experiment appears in the legacy page

This will never happen in release, so prioritize accordingly.

This will only occur if you have at least one legacy extension.
To be clear, step 3 actually means legacy extensions should be disabled right?

I think I might be missing something but experiments are bootstrapped addons so if they are not signed with "Mozilla Extensions" and legacy extensions are disabled, this sounds like everything is working as intended.
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But from what I can tell, it hasn't been disabled.
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the experiment not being disabled is surprising.  why not and does this impact something else.
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Bug 1371762 Part 1 Let cert shim code selectively identify some xpis as privileged
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Bug 1371762 Part 2 Treat webextension experiments as legacy
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Part 1 Let cert shim code selectively identify some xpis as privileged r=rhelmer
Part 2 Treat webextension experiments as legacy r=rhelmer
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