WebGL 2 conformance test conformance2/rendering/draw-buffers.html crashes




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crashes the content process on
 - Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2016 - macOS Sierra 10.12.3 - Firefox Nightly 55.0a1 (2017-05-21) (64-bit) - Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB 4.1 INTEL-10.22.29

with crash report


and fails (without crashing) on
 - Supermicro X10DAX 1.02 - Linux Mint 18 Sarah, Kernel 4.4.0-36-generic 64-bit, Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 OpenGL 3.2.0, NVIDIA 370.28

The test succeeded on
 - Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012) - Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial, Kernel 4.4.0-78-generic 64-bit - Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel Mesa DRI Ivybridge Mobile, OpenGL 3.3 (Core Profile) Mesa 12.0.6
 - Apple Mac Pro (Late 2013) - OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 - Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - AMD FirePro D500 4.1 ATI-1.42.15
 - HP Notebook 14-am009no 14" - Windows 10 Home - Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - Intel HD Graphics (Intel HD 400?) Direct3D 11, 9-1-2016, OpenGL ES 3.0 (ANGLE 2.1.0.dec065540d5f)
 - Haswell - Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - 2x ASUS NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Direct3D 11, v22.21.13.8189 (4-19-2017), OpenGL ES 3.0 (ANGLE 2.1.0.dec065540d5f)
 - Intel NUC6i7KYB Skull Canyon - Windows 10 Pro 10.0.14393 64-bit, Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580, (10-7-2016), OpenGL ES 3.0 (ANGLE 2.1.0.dec065540d5f)
 - Microsoft Surface Pro 2 - Windows 10 Pro, Firefox 55.0a1 (2017-05-22) (64-bit) - Intel HD Graphics 4400 Direct3D11 v20.19.15.4331 (11-18-2015), OpenGL ES 3.0 (ANGLE 2.1.0.dec065540d5f)
 - LG Nexus 5 - Android 6.0.1, Kernel 3.4.0-gcf10b7e (hammerhead M4B30Z), Fennec 55.0a1 (2017-05-19) - Qualcomm Adreno 330, OpenGL ES 3.0 V@127.9 AU@(GIT@I98aee987eb)
 - Google Pixel XL - Android 7.1.2, Kernel 3.18.31-g416bf43 (marlin N2G47O), Fennec 55.0a1 (2017-05-19) - Qualcomm Adreno 530, OpenGL ES 3.2 V@145.0 (GIT@Idb2b4cb785)
 - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F - Android 7.0, Kernel 3.18.14-11104523 (NRD90M), Fennec 55.0a1 (2017-05-19), ARM Mali-T880, OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r12p1-03dev0.228ab63cced004f840e7dd47b762a1d0
 - Huawei P10 Plus - Android 7.0, Kernel 4.1.18-gfd75bbb (VKY-L29), Fennec 55.0a1 (2017-05-19) - ARM Mali-G71, OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r2p0-02dev0.f7269486f3e0e3b308edf85872e361f4
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Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]

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2 years ago
The test passes without crashing on
 - Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2016 - macOS Sierra 10.12.3 - Google Chrome Version 61.0.3132.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit) - Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB 4.1 INTEL-10.22.29

so does not look GPU driver specific, or they are working around it somehow.

chrome://gpu says

Graphics Feature Status
Canvas: Hardware accelerated
CheckerImaging: Disabled
Flash: Hardware accelerated
Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated
Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Hardware accelerated
Compositing: Hardware accelerated
Multiple Raster Threads: Enabled
Native GpuMemoryBuffers: Hardware accelerated
Rasterization: Hardware accelerated
Video Decode: Hardware accelerated
Video Encode: Hardware accelerated
WebGL: Hardware accelerated
WebGL2: Hardware accelerated
Driver Bug Workarounds
Problems Detected
Multisampling is buggy on OSX when multiple monitors are connected: 237931
Applied Workarounds: disable_multimonitor_multisampling
Unfold short circuit on Mac OS X: 307751
Applied Workarounds: unfold_short_circuit_as_ternary_operation
Always rewrite vec/mat constructors to be consistent: 398694
Applied Workarounds: scalarize_vec_and_mat_constructor_args
Mac drivers handle struct scopes incorrectly: 403957
Applied Workarounds: regenerate_struct_names
On Intel GPUs MSAA performance is not acceptable for GPU rasterization: 527565
Applied Workarounds: msaa_is_slow
glGenerateMipmap fails if the zero texture level is not set on some Mac drivers: 560499
Applied Workarounds: set_zero_level_before_generating_mipmap
Pack parameters work incorrectly with pack buffer bound: 563714
Applied Workarounds: pack_parameters_workaround_with_pack_buffer
Alignment works incorrectly with unpack buffer bound: 563714
Applied Workarounds: unpack_alignment_workaround_with_unpack_buffer
copyTexImage2D fails when reading from IOSurface on multiple GPU types.: 581777
Applied Workarounds: use_intermediary_for_copy_texture_image
Multisample renderbuffers with format GL_RGB8 have performance issues on Intel GPUs.: 607130
Applied Workarounds: disable_webgl_rgb_multisampling_usage
Limited enabling of Chromium GL_INTEL_framebuffer_CMAA: 535198
Applied Workarounds: disable_framebuffer_cmaa
glGetFragData{Location|Index} works incorrectly on Max: 638340
Applied Workarounds: get_frag_data_info_bug
glResumeTransformFeedback works incorrectly on Intel GPUs: 638514
Applied Workarounds: rebind_transform_feedback_before_resume
Result of abs(i) where i is an integer in vertex shader is wrong: 642227
Applied Workarounds: emulate_abs_int_function
Rewrite texelFetchOffset to texelFetch for Intel Mac: 642605
Applied Workarounds: rewrite_texelfetchoffset_to_texelfetch
Rewrite condition in for and while loops for Intel Mac: 644669
Applied Workarounds: add_and_true_to_loop_condition
Emulate GLSL function isnan() on Intel Mac: 650547
Applied Workarounds: emulate_isnan_on_float
Decode and encode before generateMipmap for srgb format textures on macosx: 634519
Applied Workarounds: decode_encode_srgb_for_generatemipmap
Init first two levels before CopyTexImage2D for cube map texture on Intel Mac 10.12: 648197
Applied Workarounds: init_two_cube_map_levels_before_copyteximage
Insert statements to reference all members in unused std140/shared blocks on Mac: 618464
Applied Workarounds: use_unused_standard_shared_blocks
Tex(Sub)Image3D performs incorrectly when uploading from unpack buffer with GL_UNPACK_IMAGE_HEIGHT greater than zero on Intel Macs: 654258
Applied Workarounds: unpack_image_height_workaround_with_unpack_buffer
adjust src/dst region if blitting pixels outside read framebuffer on Mac: 644740
Applied Workarounds: adjust_src_dst_region_for_blitframebuffer
Mac driver GL 4.1 requires invariant and centroid to match between shaders: 639760, 641129
Applied Workarounds: remove_invariant_and_centroid_for_essl3
Disable KHR_blend_equation_advanced until cc shaders are updated: 661715
Checker-imaging has been disabled via finch trial or the command line.
Disabled Features: checker_imaging
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