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11 months ago
To track the work around integrating the optin/out for the about:addons newsletter with Basket/Salesforce CRM.

Notes here:

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11 months ago
Goal is to connect the opt-in forms within the Account settings on addons.mozilla.org with Basket - very similar to how we've handled Fx Accounts email opt-in out in the settings page. 

Rkelly, can you provide some insight into how y'all approached this integration for FxAccounts?

Cc'ing Pmac in case Jorge has questions.

Basket ID:

This links incoming subscriptions to the field "AMO Email Opt In?" in Salesforce CRM.

Specs of how it should work is here:

Basket documentation is here:

Info on how to set up a stand-alone opt-in form w/ sample email signup form code:
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11 months ago
Jorge, assigning to you to triage and reassign as needed.
Assignee: nobody → jorge
See Also: → bug 1358527

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10 months ago
> Rkelly, can you provide some insight into how y'all approached this integration for FxAccounts?

Sorry for the delay here.  Just to clarify, this is intended to be totally separate to the FxA newsletter opt-in, right?

The FxA integration has a lot of complications around capturing the opt-in right at the start of the flow, to cope with e.g. the user checking the checkbox and then not actually confirming their email.

We have a much simpler integration that manages the on/off toggle for the newsletter on the account settings page, which basically works as a simple proxy:

* The user toggles the checkbox on our settings page
* This triggers an authenticated request to our backend API saying 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe'
* Our backend knows the name of the FxA newsletter and holds a secret API key, so it can translate these into calls to subscribe and unsubscribe at [1]

Happy to share some code if you're interested, but it's got a lot of extra complexity in it to do with OAuth and verification-event handling that you probably don't want to deal with...

[1] http://basket.readthedocs.io/newsletter_api.html
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10 months ago
Thanks, :rfkelly!  This info is great. This is indeed totally separate to the FxA newsletter opt-in. It's *just* for AMO developers who opt-into ongoing AMO Dev communications.  You nailed it with the info around the on/off toggle in the settings similarity.

Over to Jorge/AMO to dig in whenever the AMO team is ready.


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6 hours ago
Hey Caitlin & AMO crew!

This is the bug tracking the AMO + Basket integration.

Newsletter ID: about-addons

Github tracking here: https://github.com/mozilla/addons-server/issues/7808

Need for LCM support in an upcoming sprint acknowledged via email & during LCM weekly intake today:

We'll keep you posted when we're able to prioritize this story from our backlog.

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