Live log updates result in "An error occurred while trying to load the specified log. It may not exist, or may not have any content."



a year ago
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I was trying to watch the live log of the following task:

Sadly after a couple of seconds when it seems to reload data, the following error is displayed:

> An error occurred while trying to load the specified log. It may not exist, or may not have any content.

This prevents me from actually seeing the log entries I want.
Is it possible this was because the task resolved as you were watching the livelog?

I think the UI should cope with this, and show the backing log once the live log becomes unavailable.

Eli, what are your thoughts?
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a year ago
My guess is it has something to do with a problem in our handling of the request completing while streaming in our current logviewer implementation. This quarter we are switching to a new logviewer implementation while should hopefully see issues like this no longer occur.
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Yea, you're streaming data from a location that's specific to that instance and task environment.  At some point when the task is completed that stream is closed and the original taskcluster artifact URL is redirect to a new permanent location for the log.  Perhaps if there is an error while streaming, it should try refreshing the entire log again from the taskcluster artifact URL, which will then redirect to the correct location.
No, this was not when a task got resolved. It was preparing the environement for mozharness. And each time new data is incoming I got this failure displayed. Reloading the log made it work for a couple of seconds before the next data came in.
Thanks for the update/clarification Henrik!


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Last Resolved: a year ago
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Eli, by which change (bug) has this been fixed? Thanks
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This looks awesome. Thank you a lot for this work!

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a year ago
My pleasure!
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