On Ubuntu, the address bar becomes unresponsive if in the course of typing into it, the master password prompt appears.




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Steps to reproduce:

1. Set a master password and close Firefox.
2. Start Firefox and before the master password prompt appears, give focus to the address bar (ctrl+l) and wait for the prompt to appear.
3. Master password prompt appears and automatically gets focused, don't provide the password and close it with Esc.
4. Focus returns to the address bar, type anything and hit enter - nothing happens.

Actual results:

The address bar became unresponsive - suggestions (e.g. for bookmarks) are not displayed and hitting enter after inserting any text does nothing. If new tab is opened, its address bar behaves as expected.

Expected results:

The address bar should react to the input even after the master password prompt appeared.
Component: Untriaged → Widget: Gtk
Product: Firefox → Core
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