Fail to load GMPs with a Win32 manifest

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2 years ago
We have several times had CDMs that weren't loading on Windows under various situations where the root cause was that the CDM DLL contained a Win32 manifest, and that causes the sandbox to block loading it.

As such we don't want to ever accept a CDM/GMP update for a DLL that contains a Win32 manifest. I don't want to have to remember to check new CDM/OpenH264 updates for whether the DLL contains a manifest. So we should change our GMP loading code to explicitly check to see whether the DLL has a manifest, and log and then fail if so. Then we will detect the problem with the DLL when testing a new CDM/GMP update before pushing it out.

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2 years ago
I'll upload a patch to detect this, but obviously we can't push it out until we've pushed out Widevine CDM update 970 which doesn't include a manifest!
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a year ago
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Bug 1373147 - Log and refuse to load GMP DLLs which contain Win32 manifests. ?bobowen

Bob: Are you able to review this? Mozreview seems to be swallowing my review.
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a year ago
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Bug 1373147 - Log and refuse to load GMP DLLs which contain Win32 manifests. ?bobowen

This feels like a bit of overkill to be checking this everytime everybody loads these, to catch things up front.
Wouldn't it make more sense to have some stand-alone validator or perhaps as part of an upload process.

If we're really against that maybe it could be Nightly only.
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