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ITIP buttons should not have a transparent background


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The ITIP buttons on the light blue ITIP bar are also blue and don't really step out of the bar. We should style them like the buttons on the multimessage toolbar.
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Use the same styling as for the multimessage toolbar.
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Hi Richard, I gave this a try on Windows as I stumbled accross the current situation days ago already. The combination of blue (bar) and light grey buttons without borders from the patch makes it a little hard to determine where the buttons end at a quick glance - see the attached screenshots.

The current situation on Daily is already not quite good, I assume this is a sideeffect of a change to the multimessage buttons. Compared to the style in TB 52, both are a step backwards to me.

I'm not against the (light) grey buttons (I think we had grey buttons back in 2013 iirc), but can you give the buttons a more visible border, then?
MakeMyDay, is this better?
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Yes, thanks, it's better now. Sorry for the delay in response.
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Give the ITIP buttons a background color. r=philipp
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