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Permafailing CCov jit failure in relazify.js | evalWithCacheCode.js:2:3 Error: Assertion failed: got false, expected true (code 3, args "") after evalWithCacheCode.js:2:3 Error: Assertion failed: got false, expected true


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firefox56 --- fixed


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This is a test case that I added recently, I will investigate later today.
The test case was added in Bug 1330373.

What should I do to reproduce a CCov build locally?
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Blocks: 1330373
Component: JavaScript Engine: JIT → JavaScript Engine
This test case got added in Bug 1330373 and check if decoded function can
successfully be relazified.  Which goes against the code coverage approach
of preventing the relazification in order to keep the counters alive.
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Skip xdr/relazify.js test case.

Review of attachment 8879232 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for disabling it for us.
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Code Coverage builds: Skip xdr/relazify.js test case. r=gmierz
Closed: 6 years ago
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(In reply to OrangeFactor Robot from comment #7)
> 7 failures […] in the last 7 days.   

I do not see how these could happen now that the test case is in the filtered list.
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Based on the orangefactor graph, it stopped on the 20th of June and nothing else has happened since then. It looks lile it is disabled now though. So, we have nothing to worry about here (unless we get a failure within the next week). :)
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