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ESR52 tasks currently require taskcluster-worker OS X workers, and we don't have any


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07:56	KWierso|afk	taskcluster jobs on esr52 seem to be unhappy:…=10.%20tc&group_state=expanded
07:56	KWierso|afk	failing like…facts/public/logs/live_backing.log
07:56	KWierso|afk	do we need to uplift something to esr52 or un-move things from taskcluster on that tree?
07:56	KWierso|afk	back to buildbot/bbb?
08:11	* pmoore looks
08:16	pmoore	looks like e.g. task never got claimed - let me check the provisionerId / workerType is correct ....
08:20	pmoore	wcosta: do you know what tc-worker-provisioner is? the only reference i can find is in
08:20	firebot	Bug 1274980 — FIXED, — Configure test tasks for Mac OSX builds
08:24	pmoore	looks like it is coming from mozilla-esr52/annotate/796616713ef…ests/
08:25	pmoore	KWierso|afk: i suspect this needs renaming - indeed it might be an uplift, i think the provisioner was renamed on other trees
08:26	pmoore	i'll see if i can find what needs uplifting
08:26	KWierso|afk	pmoore: okay. 1:30am is my cutoff time for looking at things. will follow up in the morning :)
08:27	pmoore	KWierso|afk: sure no worries, i'll work with Tomcat|sheriffduty on this one. have a good night, and thanks for the heads up!
08:32	pmoore	hmmmm, this looks like a taskcluster-worker task, our pool is entirely generic-worker these days :/
08:33	pmoore	i guess the options are keeping a very small taskcluster-worker pool for these ESR jobs, or patching ESR to use generic-worker
08:33	pmoore	i'll create a bug
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No jobs were migrated on the esr52 branch and these failures were present before the migration that started on June 13th.  It looks like esr52 maybe was created at a time where things were in flux and never received our newest automation scheduling code after that.  Those jobs indeed use a worker type that do not exist and the jobs will fail with deadline-exceeded.

Perhaps a patch specific to esr52 coudl be created that just disabled these from even trying to run?
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esr52 tests should never be scheduled by tc. r=pmoore

Surprisingly how this bug was hidden all this time, since we shutdown taskcluster-worker machines a long time ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Uplifting this to esr52 should fix the issue.
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esr52 tests should never be scheduled by tc. r=pmoore

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lgtm, thanks Wander!
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This should be able to be uplifted a=test-only.
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