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Configure needs to enforce minimum rust version



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a year ago
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a year ago
When people are building locally we need to enforce that people are using the minimum version of Rust locally so that they don't use features available in later versions.

This tangentially related to bug 1374666 and bug 1370874
We don't force people to use GCC 4.8 or clang 3.6. There is no reason we should force people to use a specific version of rust.
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Comment 2

a year ago
C++ compilers don't have the same release cadence as the Rust compiler so your comparison is apples to oranges. 

It is going to impact developer productivity if the first people hear about their code not compiling in older versions is when they get backed out for a job they can't use on try and they never got any hint when doing local builds.

I really think this should be reopened and _something_ be done to tell people there is an issue with their code.

Comment 3

a year ago
Just as a another data point, we do enforce python minimum version support
We don't enforce that you have an exact version of python. We enforce that you have a version 2 that is greater than 2.7.something. There just doesn't happen to be a 2.8. If there were, it would be supported.

C++ compilers might not have the same release cadence, but we're still using a years old C++ compiler as the base requirement, and that prevents from using newer C++ constructs. There can and are cases where a build with a (local) much more recent version of gcc would work locally, but fail on automation. CHECK_STDCXX is an example. --warnings-as-errors is also something that can break at landing. Yet we don't require a specific version of C++ compilers.

It would be a nightmare anyways (imagine what would happen if we said "you *must* use *this* version of GCC), and would be the same problem if it were done for rust (amplified, actually): by the time Firefox x requiring exactly rust version y is released, rust version y+1 or y+2 will have been released, and Firefox x would then be unbuildable in most places. One could argue for the strictness check to be "developer builds only", but that would affect bisecting old code in the same way.


5 months ago
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