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8 months ago
We have a partner that ran Fennec with SELinux and got this: 

for firefox we got this deinal after sanity test performed

<36>[ 5364.753481,1] type=1400 audit(1491465095.203:177): avc: denied { unlink } for pid=5708 comm="GeckoBackground" uid=10118 name="lib" dev="dm-2" ino=5523 scontext=u:r:untrusted_app:s0:c512,c768 tcontext=u:object_r:app_data_file:s0 tclass=lnk_file permissive=0

The reason request for above operation(unlink/delete) is denied is because Android do not allow apps to create/delete data files outside of their specific allocated storage area. below is the policy enforced by Android on all devices.
# Do not allow untrusted_app to create/unlink files outside of its sandbox,
# internal storage or sdcard.
# World accessible data locations allow application to fill the device
# with unaccounted for data. This data will not get removed during
# application un-installation.

neverallow untrusted_app {
  -app_data_file            # The apps sandbox itself
}:dir_file_class_set { create unlink };

IT looks like something that could be ignored and we told them so, but we should still diagnose and figure out what is going on.

See also bug 1338807
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