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(photon) - Duplicate resource files to different flavor directory


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In bug 1372486 we create two more directories for different flavor. Australis specific resources will be put under '../app/src/australis/**', and '../app/src/photon/**' is for Photon. For common/shared resources are under '../app/src/main/**'

This bug is to duplicate resources which will be changed in Photon, therefore every developer who work on Photon, could base this bug to develop.

The way to duplicate is to 1) move xml files from 'main' to 'australis' 2) copy xml files from 'australis' to 'photon'

Those xml files includes

* colors.xml
* values-*/styles.xml
* values-*/dimens.xml
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Bug 1375448 (Part 1) - duplicate colors.xml

I'm fine with this approach.  Wish we could use Gradle's override system instead, but it's not worth making that work in

Try won't exercise this all that well, but I see you've got lint errors that look real.  You'll need to figure out what's supposed to happen before landing.  (You can run Android lint locally with invocations like `mach gradle :app:findbugsOfficialAustralisDebug`.)
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Bug 1375448 (Part 2) - duplicate styles.xml
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Bug 1375448 (Part 3) - duplicate dimens.xml
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Bug 1375448 (Part 4) - add Photon color palette to colors.xml

This is not always obvious, but for non-build things prefer review from one of your direct team rather than me.  First, I don't know what's correct in this space; and second, I'm not in your local timezone, so you might have to wait longer.  I'm hoping that I won't be involved in your review cycle at all pretty soon!  In the meantime, thanks for keeping me in the loop.
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Understood, and I appreciate your effort on this! Thanks!
For lint error, I replaced NewApi checking from 'main' to 'australia' and 'photon'.

And added 'photon/res/values/colors.xml' to UnusedResources checking, some color code will be used in upcoming implementation. This line will be removed in bug 1375351.
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hg error in cmd: hg rebase -s 421c30e8444c -d 0913080e2c6a: rebasing 403622:421c30e8444c "Bug 1375448 (Part 1) - duplicate colors.xml r=nalexander"
rebasing 403623:5c3257a819ba "Bug 1375448 (Part 2) - duplicate styles.xml r=nalexander"
merging mobile/android/app/lint.xml
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unresolved conflicts (see hg resolve, then hg rebase --continue)
fetch today's central and rebased my commits onto it.
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(Part 1) - duplicate colors.xml r=nalexander
(Part 2) - duplicate styles.xml r=nalexander
(Part 3) - duplicate dimens.xml r=nalexander
(Part 4) - add Photon color palette to colors.xml r=nalexander
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