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Crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::dom::ContentChild::FatalErrorIfNotUsingGPUProcess | | | mozilla::layers::TextureClient::InitIPDLActor


(Core :: Graphics: Layers, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox55 --- ?
firefox56 --- affected
firefox57 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: simona.marcu, Unassigned)


(Keywords: crash, Whiteboard: [gfx-noted])

Crash Data


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Attached file about:support
This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-f7ad4084-ebf1-4850-a227-6bdfb0170622.
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0
Build ID: 20170621172513 

Reproduced this issue using a dirty profile, I can provide it, if needed (I will attach the about:support section).

1. Launched Firefox
2. Beside the already pinned tabs (9 pinned tabs) opened 9 more tabs (CNN, BBC, Facebook, NYTimes, about:crashes and 4 crash reports from Soccoro)
3. Crashed Nightly twice using the crash me now add-on (
4. After the restart - restored the pages
5. Navigate really fast from one tab to the other until there is no spinning sign left in any tab

Expected results:
Step 5: the content of the pages should load properly.

Actual results:
Step 5: The content of the pages is white and Nightly becomes unresponsive. Killed Nightly and after the restart, the following crash reports were generated.
Following the steps from the Description, I also got a crash on Firefox 54, that is very similar with the already mentioned signatures:
The symptoms and the code involved looks heavily related to bug 1316632:
David, could that be the case that the submitted fix didn't cover this scenario?
Flags: needinfo?(dvander)
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
I can't really tell what is going on in those crash reports. It looks like the IPC channel to the compositor is dead. But if the GPU process isn't enabled (it is disabled on Linux), the compositor bridge should never be shut down without the whole process going down.
Flags: needinfo?(dvander)
Closing because no crash reported since 12 weeks.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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