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Autophone svg jobs frequently fail and give no failure summary


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This has been happening for a while. I frequently see svg jobs failing and giving a log like but Treeherder fails to parse that to give it a nice, starrable failure summary line.
This failure to emit failure messages in production has been a long standing problem. It works for me locally on my Fedora workstation, but I can not seem to find why it fails in Ubuntu. I am going to be upgrading the Autophone servers during mozsfo to use Fedora and this failure to emit messages will at least begin to go away.
Depends on: 1304063
The upgrade to Fedora did not fix this issue. I'll look into it soonest.
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:bc - Do you know what's happening here?

Are all/most of these crashes? I opened a few examples at random and found minidump crash reports in the logs, but I was surprised that there was no "PROCESS-CRASH", as emitted by mozcrash:

Could it be that simple?
No, I don't think so. I don't use mozcrash but use autophonecrash instead. Take for example which shows a PROCESS-CRASH for an s1s2 job. Jobs in production are missing the PROCESS-CRASH even though they are running the same systems as I do. I have autophone-4 configured to test why the shutdown intent caused crashes and plan to use it to diagnose this problem once and for all.
Note bug 1380134 comment 4 which links to the results where tsvg and t failures do not have failure lines or failure summaries.

But in bug 1380134 comment 5, autophone-4 reporting to and does show the failure lines and failure summaries. I did two runs on autophone-4 on autoland reporting to staging. The first one at Tue Jul 11, 22:13:34 was with log level DEBUG and the other was at Tue Jul 11, 22:09:35 and both showed failure lines. The code running on autophone-4 is the same as was running prior to the backout in bug 1371291. There must be some configuration difference which is responsible. I'll look again later since I'm on pto today.
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