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Reduce usage of MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER some more


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Because it's still worth reducing the number of places that check MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER.
The JS Engine now has a PseudoStack pointer, rather than a pointer and two
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No point having all these explicit empty destructors.

Also, we can avoid IOMarkerPayload's constructor by using a UniqueFreePtr.
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This requires:

- Moving the constructors of ProfilerMarkerPayload and its subclasses into the
  .h file so they are visible even when ProfilerMarkerPayload.cpp isn't

- Similarly, using a macro to make StreamPayload() a crashing no-op when the
  profiler isn't enabled. (It is never called in that case.)
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This makes it more like all the other payload classes.
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If these timings are on for all MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER platforms (i.e. all tier 1
platforms) then we might as well simplify things by having them on for all
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(part 1) - Fix a comment about the PseudoStack

Review of attachment 8882950 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thank you, meticulous as always.
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(part 3) - Improve destructor of ProfilerMarkerPayload and its subclasses

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Having out-of-line empty destructors can sometimes help with reducing the number of includes in a header file. E.g. if your class has a UniquePtr<SomeClass> mMember, the place where you destroy mMember determines whether you need to #include "SomeClass.h" in the header or in the cpp file (so that the UniquePtr destructor can call ~SomeClass).
But it doesn't seem like that concern applies here.
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Depends on: 1378312
Duplicate of this bug: 1365439
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