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screenshot of all expected outcomes chart

I noticed a sharp drop (see attached screenshot) in the number of outcomes shown in our dashboard at, and discovered that some recent results although appearing in our S3 bucket are not returned in ActiveData queries.

The following query should return the results from


Instead, it returns "no records to show".
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Comment 1

a month ago
Looking st this soon after this bug was filed, the data appeared to be a day behind, but not enough to be noticeable. The problem appears to be this data series is not ingested at all; even old data is not showing.  My next step is to review what's happening when the S3 bucket is scanned; it does scan in alphabetical order; it may be skipping stuff.
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Comment 2

a month ago
Ignore that last comment.  I looked at the S3 bucket scanner, and it looks good.  The ETL pipeline that feeds ActiveData is behind; only the last result #241 is missing. I scaled up the ETL, and I will see if it caught up later today.

Comment 3

a month ago
I have confirmed the ETL processing was behind, and that is the cause of this problem. The ETL is still behind for a couple of other reasons, which have manual workarounds until the code is fixed.
Thanks Kyle. I currently perform queries with a range of results from 8 weeks ago to 1 day ago. This is because we may not yet have results for today, and I don't want to alarm viewers of the report if they see the charts fall to zero. It looks like this range is still not including all results. Should I adjust the range to 2 days ago?
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Comment 5

a month ago
The ultimate problem was code coverage was slowing down the workers, and making them fall behind.  

You should adjust the range to 2 days ago, so if/when this slowdown happens again there is less alarm.  Although, I did appreciate you notifying me of the slowdown.
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Comment 6

29 days ago
I am still tracking this problem; ActiveData is catching up. My apologies for the delay.

Comment 7

4 days ago
Use this query to monitor the ingestion.

> {
>     "from":"fx-test",
>     "edges":[{
>         "value":"result.start_time",
>         "domain":{
>             "type":"time",
>             "min":"today-month",
>             "max":"eod",
>             "interval":"day"
>         }
>     }]
> }
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