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Windy's new webgl version causes high CPU load


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Steps to reproduce:

1. loaded

Actual results:

a lot higher CPU load when usnig Firefox compared to chrome

Expected results:

compareable performance / efficency with Chrome
I will summerize the details here - the "new bug form" isn't that appropriate in my opinion:

Windy got a new webgl renderer which I hoped would improve windy's performance when running linux (since OpenGL 2D acceleration is off by default now on Linux).

However, running windy on firefox produces noticeable higher CPU load compared to when running it on Chrome.

Test Systems: 
AMD Netbook (AMD A8-6410, 4x Jaguar Cores, 1.8ghz max), Mesa 17.0.5, OpenGL-4.5
Intel Laptop i540M (Ironlake), 2x 2.53 ghz, Mesa 17.0.5, OpenGL-2.1

CPU load (steady state, percent of all FF + Xorg processes summed up):

Firefox AMD: 124.6%
Chrome AMD:  52.2% 

Firefox Intel: 71.5%
Chrome Intel: 30.1%

So on both machines, Firefox uses about 2x the CPU cycles
Attached image chrome - intel laptop
Attached image firefox - intel laptop
Attached image firefox - amd netbook
Attached image chrome - amd netbook
Component: Untriaged → Canvas: WebGL
Product: Firefox → Core
Priority: -- → P3
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