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Move NativeCrypto out of "services" and into Fennec proper


(Firefox for Android :: Firefox Accounts, enhancement)

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Details started as an interface for native code, shipped in, to be accessed by the Android Background Services -- in particular, for a fast pbkdf2 implementation for the Firefox Accounts implementation.  However, that native implementation is vestigial -- we use a web interface now which does all the pbkdf2 crypto on the fxa-content-server.  The remaining consumers of NativeCrypto can be removed as follow-ups to Bug 1229892 or moved into the main Fennec codebase.  At that point, NativeCrypto can move to the existing JNI wrappers scheme (@WrapForJNI), and the services code can drop the dependency on libmozglue.

That will help making "services" a seperate Gradle project (Bug 1229149) and might  help projects like move back in-tree.
mcomella, liuche: I think you two are the most knowledgable about FirefoxData-android.  NI to you just so you're aware of this, and for one of you to explain what you did in that project around dropping the NativeCrypto dependency.
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Summary: Move NativeCrypto → Move NativeCrypto out of "services" and into Fennec proper
I worked on the android version (liuche is doing iOS). wrt NativeCrypto, to reduce the method counts of the library, I removed it because it was unused. I started by removing a lot of top-level unused code including the imported fennec dependencies which eventually led to the removal of NativeCrypto.

Leave liuche CC for awareness but no action required.
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