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Message that shows the error and also a workaround

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Build ID: 20170612122310

Steps to reproduce:

Click on inline utf-8 encoded vcard in message with accented characters in fullname property

Actual results:

Dialog opens, unlike name, fullname is garbled in the panel

Expected results:

Fullname should show accented characters

Hovering the mouse over the card, I see in the status line, that the call to some TB routine may hold the clue

The sample contains another card with a workaround, that does not look portable though


7 months ago
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Comment 1

7 months ago
I can confirm this bug. Also see bug 1270837.
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See Also: → bug 1270837

Comment 2

7 months ago
As said, the link may hold the clue; I did, on the card symbol in the message pane, copy link address from context menu and in a shell translate the resulting strings from both cards in my sample (slightly edited for clarity):

$ ascii2uni -aJ

> addbook:add?action=add?vcard=begin%3Avcard%0D%0Aversion%3A2.1%0D%0An%3Bquoted-printable%3AJ%3DC3%3DB6rg%3BGarbled%0D%0Afn%3AJ%3DC3%3DB6rg%20Garbled%0D%0Aend%3Avcard%0D%0A%0D%0A
> addbook:add?action=add?vcard=begin:vcard
> version:2.1
> n;quoted-printable:J=C3=B6rg;Garbled
> fn:J=C3=B6rg Garbled
> end:vcard

> addbook:add?action=add?vcard=begin%3Avcard%0D%0Aversion%3A2.1%0D%0An%3Bquoted-printable%3AJ%3DC3%3DB6rg%3BFine%0D%0Afn%3Bquoted-printable%3AJ%3DC3%3DB6rg%20Fine%0D%0Aend%3Avcard%0D%0A%0D%0A
> addbook:add?action=add?vcard=begin:vcard
> version:2.1
> n;quoted-printable:J=C3=B6rg;Fine
> fn;quoted-printable:J=C3=B6rg Fine
> end:vcard

So the parser automagically adds 'quoted-printable' to "n" but not to "fn", therefore the workaround succeeds. The charset is utf-8 both times (probably taken from the attachment header).

PS: changing content-type of the attachment makes testing/verification more difficult.

Comment 3

7 months ago
Interesting observation.

Aceman, can you see where the link is created adding "quoted-printable" for "n" but not "fn"?
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