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I'm not sure if it a bug or there is some option for it, I searched about it, but I found nothing, also I asked a question about it here:

I copy the question's body here for save your time:

"When Dev tools/Inspector is open and I hover over on HTML nodes, in page itself I can see dotted area around the node, so far so good, the problem is sometimes Firefox show the size of the node too but sometimes doesn't, it is a bug or there is some magical way to force Firefox to show the size?"

Thank you!
The tooltip that shows the size of the node should always be visible in the page when you hover over nodes. If it's sometimes hidden, then that's a bug.
Could it be the same as this other bug you filed: bug 1379442.
From what I could see in this other bug, the tooltip has some problems with RTL websites.

If the issue described here is not the same as this other bug, then please provide more information if you can. Is there a specific set of steps we can follow to reproduce this issue? Is there an error in the browser toolbox when it happen? (ctrl+shift+J to open it).
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Mehdi: can you take a look at comment 1 when you get a chance please?
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Let's close this as WORKSFORME for now, until Mehdi comes back with a bit more information.
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5 months ago
Okay, based on this bug and bug #1379442, and last comment by Patrick, I will file new bug about vertical scroll in LTR sites.
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