Combined display of CalDAV events in different calendars but same UID



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6 months ago
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Steps to reproduce:

This is not really a bug report, but a feature request. In our company we use a CalDAV server where users have their own personal calendars. We usually have calendars of certain colleagues subscribed to see what people are working on.

Actual results:

Events where multiple colleagues are attending are displayed separately in every colleague's calendar. So if I display my personal calendar and that of my colleague, an event where we both attend is displayed twice, which can makes the display confusing, especially when there are even more colleagues attending.

Expected results:

I would like to see events with the same UID only once, even if they appear in multiple calendars. Maybe a small icon or a different color could indicate that it's a combined event display.


6 months ago
Component: Untriaged → Calendar Views
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
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