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In 56 Nightly Awesome bar history are not populating


(Toolkit :: Places, defect)

Not set





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History suggestions which tend to show up in release channel versions of Firefox are not showing up in current trunk release (56.0a1).
It appears that the reason the search suggestions aren't coming up is that my history is actually inaccessible to Nightly.  Here is a screenshot that shows my history file appearing empty in 56.0a1, even though I have a 5+ year old profile.
You seem to have a corruption problem in places.sqlite or in general in your profile.

Mind to check if any add-on is involved by disabling all of them?
I'd also suggest trying with Places Maintenance, after a profile backup, just in case.
Component: Search → Places
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Thank you Marco.  Bug still happens when all addons are disabled.  

Places Maintenance did find some issues and repaired them.  However the bug persists when I run Nightly.  It works fine in 54.
Maybe this could help:
it contains some manual steps to do something similar to Places Maintenance, but in a manual way, so one may check where the process fails.

I assume you used this same profile across different versions? There's a possible backwards incompatibility between 54 and 55 (documented in 55 release notes).
In particular, a database created in V55, cannot be downgraded to 54. But this doesn't seem the case, since your bug happens in 56.
Thanks Marco.  As this bug seems to be unique to my legacy-profile.  I think I should close it out.  I did use this profile across multiple versions.  It happens to be a 5+ year old profile.
Can't replicate bug with a new profile.
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