Previous title shown in browser window when opening a document that is shown via a plugin



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SeaMonkey 2.46 Branch

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Build ID: 20161213183751

Steps to reproduce:

1. Make sure there is a plugin installed for viewing pdf files internally (for example the "Adobe  Acrobat" plugin or the "Foxit PhantomPDF Plug-In For Mozilla" plugin).
2. Open a .html document, that has a title, in SeaMonkeys main window.
3. Open a .pdf document, either by dragging the .pdf document to the browser window, or by opening an attached .pdf document from Seamonkey Messenger.

This applies to other filetypes and plugins for example:
.flw files and the "Shockwave Flash" plugin.
.avi files and the "DivX Plus Web Player" plugin.
.mov files and the "Quicktime Plug-in" plugin.

So there is reason to believe it applies to all viewing plugins.

Actual results:

The title of the main browser window is still the title from the html document

Expected results:

Either show no title, or show the filename of the .pdf (.swf, .avi, .mov) file as the title
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