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Autophone - add additional server; convert to Fedora


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We currently have 3 linux servers in the QA lab hosting test devices for Android device testing. We have room for at least one more server. Van Le has identified a spare HP DL360P G8 we can use. I can take advantage of the work week to finalize the new server installation as well as convert the servers to Fedora.

Completed the work this morning. All servers are up and running. autophone-4 is not yet in production however.

Added the following devices from virginia haxxor:

nexus-4-13: attached to autophone-1.
nexus-5-{4,7,11} attached to autophone-4.
pixel-{11,12} attache to autophone-4.

setting NI for follow up documentation.
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This adds the configuration files for autophone-4. I created the autophone4 pulse user on Pulse Guardian and configured the credentials file as well though that is not checked in of course. The test manifest file is completely commented out. This will result in the service starting up then issuing a failure message for each device failing to initialize due to no tests then shutting down until we configure the devices to run tests.

We have 3 spare nexus 5s and 2 spare pixels attached to autophone-4. We have an opportunity to spread some of the work load from pixel-08 and pixel-09 if we wish but will have to wait for a quiet period.
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::: production-autophone-4.ini
@@ +5,5 @@
> +minidump_stackwalk = /usr/local/bin/minidump_stackwalk
> +enable_pulse = True
> +pulse_durable_queue = True
> +pulse_jobactions_exchange = exchange/treeherder/v1/job-actions
> +repos = mozilla-central mozilla-inbound autoland try mozilla-beta mozilla-aurora mozilla-release

Do we still need aurora?
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No we don't! Good catch. I'll go ahead and remove aurora from all of the ini files. Thanks!
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