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The onboarding notification should have "do not show this again" checkbox


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: arai, Unassigned)



Steps to reproduce:
  1. open Nightly 56.0a1 (2017-06-29) (64-bit) on macOS
  2. open a new tab
  3. click "x" button of the onboarding notification
  4. open a new tab

Actual result:
  onboarding notification appears with sliding animation every time I open new tab,
  that is very distracting, especially the animation is.

Expected result:
  the onboarding notification should have a checkbox with "do not show this again"

  Apparently the "Hide the tour" checkbox in the top-left fox icon disables the notification, but it's hard to discover it, when one wants to disable the onboarding notification that is shown at the bottom of the page.
See Also: → 1377336
Verdi, how do you think?
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Whiteboard: [photon-onboarding][triage]
Depends on: 1357641
Per PM Peter's comment, keep the current design behavior. change this to WONTFIX, remove whiteboard tag.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Whiteboard: [photon-onboarding][triage]
which comment?
Flags: needinfo?(frlee)
the discussion was happened on the weekly onboarding meeting last week
per PM's comment as below:

pdol [10:39 AM]
@here: I spoke with @verdi and @jdavidson yesterday about the dismissal of notifications.  The decision is to stick with the currently designed experience, whereby clicking the x dismisses that particular notification, but the rest will still show.  Adding a tooltip on the x will be the simplest way to mitigate the issue.  We'll monitor for feedback in pre-release and in the diary study.  If we need to adjust we could consider an uplift later, but we're not too concerned.
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Flags: needinfo?(mverdi)
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