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Problem with click/hover detection on 3d transformed DIVs


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Steps to reproduce:

Created cube (2 sides open) from 3d transformed DIVs. Added click handlers via JS and :hover specific CSS.

Actual results:

Click handlers did not work and :hover CSS was not applied for substantial parts of the transformed surfaces, particularly in the far corners of the fully visible surfaces (red/green) and beyond the near corners of the partially obstructed surfaces (blue/yellow).

Expected results:

While the engine is already doing a wonderful job on (partial) obstruction, it should also sucessfully evaluate the mouse position as being inside all of the visible part.
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Product: Firefox → Core
Olli, this feels more layout-y than DOM-y to me and mccr8 but we'd like your input. Thanks.
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Hit testing is very layout-y indeed.
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Component: Event Handling → Layout
Priority: -- → P3
hi, we have same problem.

1. Main element with properties
transform: perspective(2000px) rotateX(45deg)

2.Inner element with properties
transform: translateX(258px) translateY(60px) rotateX(-45deg);
transform-origin: 50% 50%;

3.Inner element has :hover CSS

Actual results:
In firefox :hover CSS does not applied for bottom part of inner element.
In chrome and safari applied for all element.

We just had another report for this on, though it's unclear if it's actually affecting live sites or just demos.

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Flags: webcompat?
Webcompat Priority: ? → revisit
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