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Make MFBT hashing functions return 64-bit hashes on 64-bit platforms


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A huge use case of these hash functions is to generate PLDHashNumbers.  With bug 1377333, right now in many cases we end up generating a 32-bit hash key and expand it to a 64-bit key by zero padding which is pretty bad in terms of the hash distribution.  We should similarly switch these functions to return size_t instead of uint32_t.

One big aspect that I am not going to change in this bug to reduce the amount of work involved is SpiderMonkey's size for hash keys.  I will file a follow-up bug for that.  Doing that probably requires some SpiderMonkey specific knowledge.
See Also: → 1377949
Depends on: 1378015
No longer depends on: 1378015
Depends on: 1378042
Depends on: 1378044
Depends on: 1378045
Depends on: 1378046
Turns out we won't need to do this because bug 1377333 was wontfixed.
Closed: 3 years ago
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FWIW, this is something I've pondered doing, and/or thought we probably should do at some point.  Aside from laziness/immediate unimportance, the other thing that's sort of stopped me is the places that depend upon/expect the 32-bitness of hashes, sometimes implicitly.  Perhaps that can be worked through with helper functions to massage a hash of one size into a hash of another, maybe.  Hasn't been worth the trouble without a pressing use case to figure out the ergonomics, tho.  But I'm totally fine reopening this when a good need arises.
...and while I'm thinking about it, it'd also be a stupid simple alternative to just double up the hash functions and have Hash32/Hash64 of everything so the choice is explicit.  That actually may well be the best option, especially if 32-bit hashes are necessary/desirable in places for reasons of size.  Still not gonna do it without the pressing need.
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